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When looking to book a taxi transfer in Brisbane, there are two major taxi Brisbane companies which you can choose from. Both of these companies generally offer a good service according to customer feedback. Contact the taxi company using the Brisbane contact number listed below:
  • Black and White Cabs - 133 222
  • Yellow Cabs - 132 227 
To order a Brisbane taxi simply call the above companies and the operators will assist you on how to proceed.
Taxi Brisbane Bookings
So it is actually quite simple to make a taxi booking by these companies. We have placed the contact details above, so when needing to request a taxi, simply call the number and inform them of a few necessary details and they will respond by letting you know whether they can provide you with a taxi and how fast they will be able to do that.

Do not expect to get an exact quote from a taxi company before the transfer. Taxi Brisbane companies, like any other taxi company, will calculate the charge of the transfer using a taxi meter. This will take into account factors to help calculate the cost, more details are listed below.
Cost of a Taxi Cab transfer
Although the cost of booking a Brisbane taxi cab transfer is generally cheaper than reserving a chauffeured option transfer, the price can not be very accurately quoted before the transfer. The cost of the taxi ride in Brisbane is determined using a meter in the car, which takes into account a number of factors from the transfer. These factors include:
  • The KMs driven in the taxi
  • The time taken for the transfer
  • The number of passengers (Especially if it is a Maxi transfer)
  • The time of day (Sometimes night taxis are more costly)
  • The flag fall charge of the particular company
Although all these factors are used to determine the price of the transfer, in many cases the cost is still generally less than a chauffeured limo transfer. However with a limousine transfer (as listed above) you can get a very accurate quote prior to making the booking and undertaking the transfer. Which is generally a good thing! Furthermore, the price of the transfer does not change with variables such as time taken, number of passengers or flag falls.

Taxi or Cab or HC?
In Brisbane, you may notice that the terms taxi and cab are used when referring to a taxi Brisbane transfer. They do not refer to different things, they both actually refer to the same transfer type, however the words have different origins. However, there is quite a difference between a taxi cab transfer in Brisbane or a limousine hire car transfer.

The differences include:
  • A taxi is generally less expensive
  • A HC vehicle is generally more modern and well maintained
  • A taxi can pick up a customer without a booking
  • A HC must be booked prior to the transfer
If you have any more differences which you can contribute to this list, please feel free to email us at
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